Malt is a bit of a hidden gem. Our mission? To convince all bakers to fall in love with malt and to appreciate the benefits of including it in bread recipes. Many may have heard of malt, and know it as a premium ingredient but may not fully appreciate the benefits it can bring in baked products such as bread. With the current trend towards healthier eating and the focus on well-being, malt as a natural ingredient can offer the consumer not just great taste but a clean label too.

Muntons make a wide variety of malt and malted ingredients which are used in the commercial food and drinks industries across the globe. Malt is made by growing barley just enough to allow the natural enzymes to be developed in the barley that can convert starch into sugar.

We manufacture a wide range of grain malts which we then turn into ingredients such as malt flours, both diastatic (with natural enzymes) and non-diastatic. We also make roasted malt flours, kibbled malts and flaked malted cereals. Malted flours are produced simply by milling malted grains, whilst kibbles are made by coarsely cutting the malted grains. To make malted flakes we gently toast and then roll the grains into tasty flakes. Light coloured malt flours offer varying levels of enzyme activity and malt flavours, whilst darker malt flours are principally used for their flavour, although they also provide extra natural colour. Our range of diastatic malt flours offer higher enzyme activity, which at low inclusion levels increases crust colour and promotes an open crumb texture and softness.

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NB: Jars of malt extract can be found in most health shops such as Holland & Barrett.


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