Who you gonna call…Toastbusters!

National Toast Day will once again be celebrating the nation’s love of toast and all of our favourite toast toppings on Thursday 22 February 2018.

Landscape Toast

We will celebrate the conveyor belt of toast, produced on a daily basis in hotel establishments far and wide. The grilled toast, the oven toast, the fireplace toast and the campfire toast – all hail the shades, from hardly toasted at all, to ‘left the toaster setting on high’ slices – whatever your toast of choice, we salute you.

We will be sharing the day with toast connoisseurs across the globe with Spanish Brindis, French Pain Grille, Italian Crostini, Swedish Rostat Brod and German Prost – all joining the toastly proceedings, to share their toast tales and spread the word, and yes, we will be debating the toast phenomenon – when dropped, why does toast always land butter side down?

In Britain alone, we consume toast 4.7 billion times a year, with butter, eggs or jam selected as the most popular toppings. Toast fans say, it’s enjoyable, quick to prepare and filling!

So, whether you reach for a nutty wholemeal, a raisin-fuelled fruit, a deliciously soft and fluffy white, or a modest gluten free, we will be toasting the toast – in 2017 toast popped-up on the Chris Evans breakfast show when toast guru, Professor Tim Jacobs revealed his fascinating research into producing the perfect slice of toast to over 9.7 million listeners.

Breakfast Hamper_ TiptreeBe a part of the big toasty debate by tweeting us on the day at @WorldBreadAward with the hashtag #NationalToastDay #Toastbusters and post on our Facebook Page, telling us how you take your toast.

Plus, you’ll be entered into our competition to win toasty prizes, including a Tiptree breakfast hamper bursting with a variety of their delicious preserves and sauces, and two Lakeland Crux Toasters (RRP £70 each).

Tell us how you take your toast on Thursday 22 February 2018.

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