Rofco Oven Country White Sourdough



90% strong white flour

10% light rye

70% water

30% leaven

2% salt


Let down leaven in water, add flour and mix till just combined with no lumps. Rest for 20-30 minutes and add salt. (you can hold back 5% water and add with salt to help dissolve). Mix gently and rest again. Ferment for a further 2-4 hours with 3-4 folds.

Preshape, rest for 20-30 minutes and final shape. Place into floured banneton or couche.

Proof at room temperature until ready to bake or retard at 4-6 degrees after an initial room temperature proof of 30 mins to an hour.

To bake, preheat Rofco to 250 degrees (this takes approx 1.5 hours in summer / 2 hours in winter) and load dough. Drop to 200 after 5 minutes and bake for 35. Open vents, increase heat to 250 and allow another 5 minutes.


Recipe courtesy of Adam Pagor of Season Etc for Rofco ovens, available from Brook Food Processing Equipment.


Photography by Jenny Heyworth at White Feather & Co.

Styling by Catherine Connor at White Feather & Co.