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Winner 2018 French country sourdough
Produced by M`s bakery

Category Winners 2018

CiabattaProduced by
WinnerLong Fermented CiabattaForge Bakehouse
Runner-UpThe Revel CiabattaThe Revel Bakery
Gluten FreeProduced by
WinnerGarlic and Rosemary FocacciaDavina Steel at MannaVida
Runner-UpBadger Bakery Gluten Free BreadThe Badger Bakery
Real Bread CampaignProduced by
WinnerFrench country sourdoughM`s bakery
Runner-UpEssex county sourdoughPeace & loaf bakehouse
Great British WhiteProduced by
WinnerFarmhouseFoodhaven Ltd
Runner-UpLillymill TinIndigo Bakes
FruitProduced by
WinnerChocolate, Cherry, Almond & Toasted Coconut SourdoughRiddle-Me-Rye Ltd
Runner-UpMango and coconut cruffin Salt bakehouse
FlatbreadProduced by
WinnerFocacciaRogers Bakery
Runner-UpCherry Tomato, Goats Cheese and Red Onion FocacciaMa Baker
The Tiptree ShowstopperProduced by
WinnerChallah Queen Tzanzhong Orange Blossom Challah Karma Bread
Runner-UpBanoffee briocheYellow Door (Portadown) Ltd
Speciality - SweetProduced by
WinnerCopenhagenFlour Water Salt
Speciality - SavouryProduced by
Runner-UpSeeded Sourdough Poppyseed Bakery/Bexhill Farm Kitchen
Brook Food SourdoughProduced by
WinnerPastonacre SourdoughPastonacre
Runner-UpHogs Back Beer BreadRidgeway Bakery Ltd trading as Loaf Bakery
Irish Wheaten LoafProduced by
WinnerTraditional Wheaten BannockCookie Jar
Runner-UpIrish Stout WheatenAnn's Pantry Of Larne
Muntons Malt BreadProduced by
WinnerSeeded malted flatbreadRidgeway Bakery Ltd trading as Loaf Bakery
Runner-UpCaramalt SourdoughForge Bakehouse
Carr's Flour BaguetteProduced by
WinnerArtisan sourdough baguetteReal Patisserie
Runner-UpBaguetteFlour Water Salt
Zeelandia WholegrainProduced by
WinnerSeeded Khorasan sourdoughSalt bakehouse
Runner-UpSeeded Rye SourdoughMa Baker
KitchenAid Home-Baker - OpenProduced by
WinnerCountry WhiteJessica Van der Schee
Runner-UpBrioche Au BuerreAdam Keightley
KitchenAid Home-Baker - SourdoughProduced by
WinnerCheddar & Ale SourdoughGraham Kinnear
Runner-UpMaria - Country LoafJulia Stitt
Tiptree Patisserie Trainee BakerProduced by
Winner1 x 454g White Tin Loaf and 1 x 454g Wholemeal Tin LoafCaroline Jeevachandran
Runner-Up1 x 454g White Tin Loaf and 1 x 454g Wholemeal Tin LoafAmy Walker

Awards 2018

CiabattaLOAFProduced by
GoldLong Fermented CiabattaForge Bakehouse
GoldThe Revel CiabattaThe Revel Bakery
SilverRockstar CiabattaRockstar Bakers
BronzeOlive CiabattaTough Mary's Bakehouse
Gluten FreeLOAFProduced by
SilverGarlic and Rosemary FocacciaDavina Steel at MannaVida
SilverBadger Bakery Gluten Free BreadThe Badger Bakery
BronzeIncredible Date, Ginger & Chocolate BunIncredible Bakery Company
Real Bread CampaignLOAFProduced by
GoldFrench country sourdoughM`s bakery
GoldEssex county sourdoughPeace & loaf bakehouse
GoldNorthern lass (emmer)Peace & loaf bakehouse
Gold40% rye and caraway Salt bakehouse
SilverSeedy SourdoughSarah Raisbeck
SilverMultiseed sourdoughSeasons Bakery
SilverSeedy Seedy SourdoughModern Baker
Silversour cherry walnut sourdoughTwo Magpies bakery
SilverSeeded Rye SourdoughMa Baker
BronzeChia Sesame Semolina Sourdough Karma Bread
BronzeMultigrain sourdoughBlake's Kitchen
BronzeHodmedods Barley Porridge and Toasted Quinoa sourdoughThe Penny bun Bakehouse
BronzeBeetroot multiseed soughdoughSeasons Bakery
BronzeBoatyard SourdoughEmma's Bread Ltd
Great British WhiteLOAFProduced by
GoldFarmhouseFoodhaven Ltd
SilverLillymill TinIndigo Bakes
FruitLOAFProduced by
GoldChocolate, Cherry, Almond & Toasted Coconut SourdoughRiddle-Me-Rye Ltd
GoldMango and coconut cruffin Salt bakehouse
GoldOrganic Fruit BreadDaylesford Organic
GoldIrish Fruit LoafAnn's Pantry Of Larne
GoldBlackberry, Goats Cheese and Fennel SourdoughThe Bakehouse at 124
SilverBlueberry LevainRidgeway Bakery Ltd trading as Loaf Bakery
Silverapritcot, date and walnut spelt loafReal Patisserie
SilverAlbrighton Pecan & RaisinJust Bread
Silver100% Rye Yeast Free Bread with cranberriesPolish Village Bread Ltd
SilverWelbeck Apple SourdoughThe Welbeck Bakehouse
Silverchristmas sourdoughSeasons Bakery
SilverBlueberry BunThe Flour Station
BronzeRich Fruit LoafShaw’s Home Bakery
FlatbreadLOAFProduced by
GoldFocacciaRogers Bakery
GoldCherry Tomato, Goats Cheese and Red Onion FocacciaMa Baker
GoldThe Hobleys FocacciaThe Revel Bakery
GoldBlackberry crumble focaccia Willow Bakery
GoldExtra virgin rapeseed oil focacciaThe Artisan Baker
SilverSpiced Focaccia Rex Bakery
SilverSeeded Malted FlatbreadRidgeway Bakery Ltd trading as Loaf Bakery
SilverSea Salt and Rosemary FocacciaThe Bakehouse at 124
BronzeThe Fungi SpecialThe Revel Bakery
BronzeNixtamalized White Corn TortillaNixtamal Europe Limited
The Tiptree ShowstopperLOAFProduced by
GoldChallah Queen Tzanzhong Orange Blossom Challah Karma Bread
GoldBanoffee briocheYellow Door (Portadown) Ltd
GoldEnglish Country Garden Bread BasketDavina Steel at MannaVida
SilverBlack Forest cruffinSalt bakehouse
SilverTiptree Tea TimeHoney's Bakery
Speciality - SweetLOAFProduced by
GoldCopenhagenFlour Water Salt
SilverMillionaire salted caramel cruffinSalt bakehouse
SilverCinnamon bunBlake's Kitchen
SilverLemongrass and CoconutHONEYS BAKERY
SilverBrioche with fresh root ginger macerated in Cheshire honeyJane's Handmade Bread
BronzeTreacle irish soda bread Tony's griddle goods
BronzeMini Breton Kouign AmannThe Flour Station
BronzeChocolate BabkaCookham Bakehouse
BronzeCardamom and Cinnamon Scandi BunCookham Bakehouse
BronzeRaspberry BriocheThe Bakehouse at 124
BronzeMilk BriocheThe Bread Factory
Speciality - SavouryLOAFProduced by
GoldSeeded Sourdough Poppyseed Bakery/Bexhill Farm Kitchen
GoldSeeded CrackerGAIL's Artisan Bakery
Goldsmoky cheese and sweet potato sourdoughTwo magpies bakery
GoldCheddar Sourdough SticksGAIL's Bakery
GoldChilli & Cheese sourdoughReeve the Baker
SilverWild garlic and sun dried tomato sourdough M`s Bakery ltd
SilverHemp & Pumpkin Seeds Bread Gradz Bakery
SilverPorridge BreadMa Baker
SilverOrganic Potato & ThymeDaylesford Organic
SilverVegan Carrot & Turmeric Burger BunThe Bread Factory
SilverSpelt & Black pudding potato BreadAnn's Pantry Of Larne
SilverIrish White Soda FarlAnn's Pantry Of Larne
SilverCaramelised Onion BreadSB Artisan Bakehouse
SilverEdamame cheese Happy Sky Bakery Ltd.
BronzeHorny Bull stout brown sodaYellow Door (Portadown) Ltd
BronzeVegan Beetroot Burger BunThe Bread Factory
BronzeBeetroot loafYellow Door (Portadown) Ltd
BronzeAmerican Potato Brioche Burger BunMaison Du Pain
BronzeNixtamalized White Corn and Cricket Tortilla ChipsNixtamal Europe Limited
BronzeGranny's Bread The Polish Bakery
Brook Food SourdoughLOAFProduced by
GoldPastonacre SourdoughPastonacre
GoldHogs Back Beer BreadRidgeway Bakery Ltd trading as Loaf Bakery
GoldBeetroot multiseed sourdoughSeasons Bakery
GoldWhite Sussex SourdoughFoodhaven Ltd
GoldRockstar SourdoughRockstar Bakers
Goldtoasted malt rye and wheat with cut corn, barley,wheat and oats soughdoughSeasons bakery
GoldSilesian Style BreadPolish Village Bread
GoldPear and stilton sourdoughseasons bakery
GoldMultiseed sourdoughSeasons bakery
GoldWhite SourdoughRogers Bakery
SilverHodmedods Barley Porridge and Toasted Quinoa SourdoughThe Penny Bun Bakehouse
Silverthe Table LoafToday Bread
SilverAncient Grain TrioRiddle-Me-Rye LTD
SilverDowie's Artisan SourdoughDowie's Bakes
SilverMark's White Sourdough with Chia SeedsMark's Cotswold Bakery Ltd
SilverSeeded Sussex SourdoughFoodhaven Ltd
SilverApple SourdoughThe Bakehouse
SilverSourdoughPoppyseed Bakery/Bexhill Farm Kitchen
SilverLillymill WhiteIndigo Bakes
BronzeGreat WhiteJo's Loaves
BronzeTottenham SourdoughThe Bread Factory
BronzeTraditional SourLondon Bread & Cake Co
BronzeMalt and Tea SourdoughThe Bakehouse
BronzeWhite SourdoughThe Frothy Whisk
BronzeMark's Cotswold Crunch SourdoughMark's Cotswold Bakery Ltd
BronzeCountry SourdoughTough Mary's Bakehouse
BronzeSuffolk SourdoughThe Bread Factory
BronzeBroadway SourdoughDunns Artisan Bakers Ltd
BronzeGamston 4-GrainThe Apron Cafe and Bakery
BronzeFig, Pecan & Porridge BatardThe Bread Factory
BronzeWaste BreadGAIL's Bakery
BronzeMark's Spelt SourdoughMark's Cotswold Bakery Ltd
BronzeMiso, Onion and Seaweed SourdoughForge Bakehouse
BronzeCountry sourdoughEast Sheen Microbakery
BronzeRex SourdoughRex Bakery
Muntons Malt BreadLOAFProduced by
GoldSeeded malted flatbreadRidgeway Bakery Ltd trading as Loaf Bakery
BronzeCaramalt SourdoughForge Bakehouse
Carr's Flour BaguetteLOAFProduced by
GoldArtisan sourdough baguetteReal Patisserie
GoldBaguetteFlour Water Salt
SilverSeeded malt sourdough baguette Salt bakehouse
SilverBaguette TraditionFoodhaven Ltd
SilverBaguetteRex Bakery
BronzeTraditional French BaguetteJo's Loaves
BronzeBaguette CampaignFoodhaven Ltd
Zeelandia WholegrainLOAFProduced by
GoldSeeded Khorasan sourdoughSalt bakehouse
SilverSeeded Rye SourdoughMa Baker
BronzeFitness BreadPolish Village Bread Ltd
KitchenAid Home-Baker - OpenLOAFProduced by
GoldCountry WhiteJessica Van der Schee
SilverBrioche Au BuerreAdam Keightley
BronzeChallahAdam Keightley
BronzeFocacciaSarah Thompson
KitchenAid Home-Baker - SourdoughLOAFProduced by
GoldCheddar & Ale SourdoughGraham Kinnear
GoldMaria - Country LoafJulia Stitt
GoldPain au LevainJoanna Sienkiewicz
GoldSouth Kilburn Sourdough Sam Rutt
BronzeCheese & Jalapeno SourdoughPhilip Jones
Tiptree Patisserie Trainee BakerLOAFProduced by
Bronze1 x 454g White Tin Loaf and 1 x 454g Wholemeal Tin LoafCaroline Jeevachandran