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Winner 2016 Spirulina and Pumpkin Seed Bread
Produced by Gradz Bakery

Category Winners 2016

SourdoughProduced by
WinnerWhite SussexThe Sussex Kitchen Bakery
Runner-UpSeeded LevainBread Club
WholegrainProduced by
WinnerHoltwhites Multigrain BloomerHoltwhites Bakery
Runner-UpSeeded Light RyeLovingly Artisan
CiabattaProduced by
WinnerCrystal Bread Rex Bakery Ltd
Runner-UpRockstar CiabattaRockstar Bakers
Gluten FreeProduced by
WinnerBurger BunsThe Bread Factory
Runner-UpWorthing SourdoughSussex Bread Company
Real Bread CampaignProduced by
WinnerCountry SourdoughSarah Raisbeck
Runner-UpEnglish Wholemeal Spelt Peace & Loaf Bakehouse
Great British WhiteProduced by
WinnerLarge white tinBrucciani
Runner-UpWhite FarmhouseThe Cake Shop Bakery
FruitProduced by
WinnerFruited BriochePATISSERIE MARK BENNETT(Mark Bennett)
Runner-UpFig and cranberry sourdoughMaria's Artisan Bakery
FlatbreadProduced by
Winner100% Rye KnäckebrödTom's Bakery
Runner-UpFocacciaThe Sussex Kitchen Bakery
The Tiptree ShowstopperProduced by
WinnerBlueberry Cheese Tart Honey's Bakery
Runner-UpPloughmans lunchMayfield Farm Bakery
Speciality - SweetProduced by
WinnerSchwarzwalder Kirschbrot TwistPATISSERIE MARK BENNETT(Mark Bennett)
Runner-UpChocolate BreadHoltwhites Bakery
Speciality - SavouryProduced by
WinnerSpirulina and Pumpkin Seed BreadGradz Bakery
Runner-UpRaisin & Walnut SourdoughHoltwhites Bakery
Minoteries Viron BaguetteProduced by
WinnerBaguette Tradition LevainHalva Bakery
Runner-UpParisienne Baguette Lovingly Artisan
KitchenAid Young Baker (Under 12)Produced by
WinnerLuscious lemon curd plaitCharlotte Foster
Runner-UpChallahNadia Willingham
KitchenAid Young Baker (12 - 17)Produced by
WinnerOlive and Sun-dried Tomato loaf Daniel Roberts
Runner-UpDaniel's Sour doughDaniel Roberts
Home-Baker - OpenProduced by
WinnerPanettone gastronomicoVibeke Jepsen
Runner-Uptasty fruit briochePamela Thompson
Home-Baker - SourdoughProduced by
WinnerWhite sourdoughMary Maclean
Runner-UpEight Grain Porter SourdoughAdam Keightley

Awards 2016

SourdoughLOAFProduced by
GoldWhite SussexThe Sussex Kitchen Bakery
GoldSeeded LevainBread Club
GoldPure Rye SourdoughLeakers Bakery
GoldOrganic SourdoughBrucciani
GoldGranary Sourdough Jacka Bakery
Goldelderflower sourswifts bakery
GoldBread Source Natural Bread Source
GoldWhite LevainHalva Bakery
GoldSourdough Bloomer The Welbeck Bakehouse
GoldRustic Dark SourdoughThe Bread Factory
GoldRustic whitewhite Cottage Bakery
GoldWhite SourdoughBexhill Farm KItchen
GoldCountry LoafUrsa Minor
GoldOat & Honey SourdoughUrsa Minor
GoldWest Sussex White The Hungry Guest
GoldPain de CampagneThe Hill Bakery
SilverBrown SourdoughHalva Bakery
SilverLight IntegraleThe Hungry Guest
SilverNaturally leavened multigrain BouleThe Slow Bread Company
SilverStone Baked Five Seed Sour DoughPATISSERIE MARK BENNETT(Mark Bennett)
SilverCountry loafMaria's Artisan Bakery
SilverPan GalegoRex Bakery Ltd
SilverGamston 4-GrainThe Apron Cafe
SilverDalriada RyeUrsa Minor
SilverRex SourdoughRex Bakery Ltd
SilverGolden SesameThe Apron Cafe
SilverHeritage wheat sourdoughLovingly Artisan
SilverPanmarinoJulia's bread, Cakes and Preserves
SilverPain de CampagneArtisan Foodworks Ltd
SilverOrganic sourdough Orée boulangerie
SilverSourdough BreadCowbridge Artisan Country Market
SilverSpelt and Honey sourdoughPeter Cooks Bread
SilverRye Sourdough with CarawayMa Baker
BronzeClassic SourdoughBread by Bike
BronzeStone Baked Pain au LevainPATISSERIE MARK BENNETT(Mark Bennett)
BronzeDukkah sourdoughWhite Cottage Bakery
BronzeChase SourdoughHoltwhites Bakery
BronzePain de campagneBadgerbrook Breads
BronzePain au LevainLaveli Bakery
BronzeSeeded SourdoughThe Sussex Kitchen Bakery
BronzePain au LevainPaul UK
BronzeSan FranciscoThe Bread Factory
BronzeOats porridge sourdoughOCTOBER 26
BronzeBorough BrownThe Flour Station
BronzeRye SourdoughJulias's Bread, Cakes and Preserves
BronzeGreat WhiteJo's Loaves
BronzeMeadow herb sourdoughLovingly Artisan
BronzeLillyMill Wild LevainIndigo Bakes
BronzeRed wine and WalnutMayfield Farm Bakery
BronzeLight Rye TwistThe Sussex Kitchen Bakery
BronzeMedium RyeThe Sussex Kitchen Bakery
BronzeNigella and Jacket PotatoMayfield Farm Bakery
BronzeSourdoughThe Artisan Baker
BronzeBoule De MeuleThe Bread Factory
BronzeAncient Grains SourdoughDunn's (Crouch End) Ltd
BronzeExe Valley LoafStevie Bs Bakery
BronzeOlive SourdoughVictoria Bakery
BronzeWheat & Rye SourdoughCinnamon Square
WholegrainLOAFProduced by
BronzeHoltwhites Multigrain BloomerHoltwhites Bakery
CiabattaLOAFProduced by
GoldCrystal Bread Rex Bakery Ltd
GoldRockstar CiabattaRockstar Bakers
GoldCiabattaPeter Cooks Bread
SilverChia- batta Bread source
SilverBlack Olive CiabattaDunn's (Crouch End) Ltd
SilverFresh Rosemary CiabattaPATISSERIE MARK BENNETT(Mark Bennett)
BronzeStroud wild ciabatta Salt bake house
BronzeFiloneRex Bakery Ltd
Gluten FreeLOAFProduced by
GoldBurger BunsThe Bread Factory
GoldWorthing SourdoughSussex Bread Company
GoldCiabattaMannaVida Ltd
GoldBriocheBeyond Bread Ltd
GoldDark Bread with Sunflower Seeds The Polish Bakery
GoldShoreham CobSussex Bread Company
GoldSeeded LoafThe Bread Factory
GoldPumpernickelBeyond Bread Ltd
GoldHove SeededSussex Bread Company
GoldRosemary & Sea Salt FlatbreadBeyond Bread Ltd
GoldRye-Style LoafThe Bread Factory
GoldBuckwheat loafMannaVida Ltd
GoldThe Grassroots Bakery Gluten Free White BreadThe Grassroots Bakery Ltd
SilverSandwich loafMannaVida Ltd
SilverSeeded LoafBeyond Bread Ltd
SilverGarlic and Rosemary FocacciaMannaVida Ltd
BronzeRound SourdoughBeyond Bread Ltd
Real Bread CampaignLOAFProduced by
GoldCountry SourdoughSarah Raisbeck
GoldEnglish Wholemeal Spelt Peace & Loaf Bakehouse
SilverLong Man Sour doughhearth bakehouse
SilverEnglish MuffinThe Welbeck Bakehouse
SilverWholemeal SourdoughBexhill Farm Kitchen
SilverPorridge BreadMa Baker
SilverToasted Sesame SourdoughSarah Raisbeck
SilverMalthouse and SunflowerThe Sussex Kitchen Bakery
SilverSpelt with seedsHalva Bakery
SilverVollkornbrot The Welbeck Bakehouse
BronzeSouthwold Seeded MultigrainBread and Buttery
BronzeWhole-Spelt SourdoughDunn's (Crouch End) Ltd
BronzeBirkdale BlackBreadEpi MicroBakery
BronzePainswick loafThe Artisan Baker
BronzeCornish Born 'n' Bread SourdoughLittle Bakehouse @ Launceston
Great British WhiteLOAFProduced by
GoldLarge white tinBrucciani
GoldWhite FarmhouseThe Cake Shop Bakery
GoldWhite BloomerThe Sussex Kitchen Bakery
GoldEnglish Farmhouse TinThe Bread Factory
GoldLondon BloomerVictoria Bakery
SilverGreat Dorset FarmhousePATISSERIE MARK BENNETT(Mark Bennett)
SilverLondon BloomerDunn's (Crouch End) Ltd
SilverGreat Dorset BloomerPATISSERIE MARK BENNETT(Mark Bennett)
SilverLedbury LoafPeter Cooks Bread
SilverPoppy Seed Oven Bottom BloomerCinnamon Square
SilverLondon White BloomerThe Flour Station
SilverGreat Dorset CobbPATISSERIE MARK BENNETT(Mark Bennett)
SilverWhite LoafKeelham Farm Shop
SilverCottage Bread Source
SilverLg TinBexhill Farm Kitchen
BronzeCrusty White LoafHoney's Bakery
BronzeWhite TinThe Bread Factory
BronzeWhite BreadLaveli Bakery
FruitLOAFProduced by
SilverFruited BriochePATISSERIE MARK BENNETT(Mark Bennett)
SilverFig and cranberry sourdoughMaria's Artisan Bakery
SilverChocolate and Orange BriochePATISSERIE MARK BENNETT(Mark Bennett)
SilverAmerican PumpernickelThe Bread Factory
SilverSultana & Fennel SourdoughThe Bread Factory
BronzeFruit LoafVictoria Bakery
BronzeHot Cross BunsThe Cake Shop Bakery
FlatbreadLOAFProduced by
Gold100% Rye KnäckebrödTom's Bakery
GoldFocacciaThe Sussex Kitchen Bakery
GoldRosemary & sea salt focacciaHoltwhites Bakery
GoldRosemary & Sea Salt FocacciaThe Flour Station
SilverLemon, Rosemary and Olive Sourdough FoccaciaSarah Raisbeck
BronzeCherry Tomato & Rosemary Focaccia Rex Bakery Ltd
BronzeZa'atar FougasseMa Baker
BronzeRosemary FocacciaThe Bread Factory
BronzeFocacciaBexhill Farm Kitchen
The Tiptree ShowstopperLOAFProduced by
GoldBlueberry Cheese Tart Honey's Bakery
GoldPloughmans lunchMayfield Farm Bakery
GoldPineapple briocheBread Source
SilverSimcha ChallahKarma Bread
BronzeSpelt and Honey The Hungry Guest
Bronzehoney mustard and dillswifts bakery
BronzeThe FirecrackerCinnamon Square
Speciality - SweetLOAFProduced by
GoldSchwarzwalder Kirschbrot TwistPATISSERIE MARK BENNETT(Mark Bennett)
GoldChocolate BreadHoltwhites Bakery
SilverRaisin and Rosemary Sour DoughPATISSERIE MARK BENNETT(Mark Bennett)
SilverChallahThe Hungry Guest
BronzeAlmond BabkaGlossy Bread
BronzeMalted Raisin & Pecan SourdoughThe Bread Factory
BronzeMilk Chocolate Orange Sour DoughPATISSERIE MARK BENNETT(Mark Bennett)
Speciality - SavouryLOAFProduced by
GoldSpirulina and Pumpkin Seed BreadGradz Bakery
GoldRaisin & Walnut SourdoughHoltwhites Bakery
GoldMature Cheddar & Chilli sourdoughLovingly Artisan
GoldPolenta and Rosemary Levain.Bread Club
GoldPotato & Rosemary SourdoughThe Bread Factory
GoldNelson LoafThe Artisan Baker
GoldSpelt potato bread with Black PuddingAnn's Pantry of Larne
GoldArtichoke SourdoughThe Bread Factory
GoldJalapeno CornbreadThe Bread Factory
GoldPorridge BreadMa Baker
GoldDorset Blue SourPATISSERIE MARK BENNETT(Mark Bennett)
GoldEnglish MuffinThe Flour Station
GoldJurassic Coast Sour DoughPATISSERIE MARK BENNETT (Mark Bennett)
GoldSoda FarlAnn's Pantry of Larne
Gold7 seeds of rye Salt bakehouse
GoldPoppy & Rye SourdoughThe Bread Factory
SilverMexican sourdoughSalt bakehouse
SilverRye Bacon and BlueThe Sussex Kitchen Bakery
SilverMarmite BreadMa Baker
SilverCampagne Onion SourdoughThe Bread Factory
SilverFocaccia The Hungry Guest
SilverCaramelised Garlic OvalThe Bread Factory
SilverGoats Cheese and Red Pepper Sour Dough PATISSERIE MARK BENNETT(Mark Bennett)
SilverWalnut & Stilton flatbreadBexhill Farm Kitchen
SilverWalnut LevainThe Flour Station
SilverRosemary PuglieseBaker Steve
SilverPea and Mint Bread Source
SilverCider Crumb SourdoughPeter Cooks Bread
SilverBlack BreadMa Baker
SilverTomato/CheeseStevie Bs Bakery
SilverGuinness Oven WheatenAnn's Pantry of Larne
SilverMixed Olive SourdoughThe Bread Factory
BronzeCheese bunsBadgerbrook Breads
BronzeBombay BreadPaul UK
BronzeHippy breadBread by Bike
BronzeSmoked cheese and chilli stickLittle Valley Bakery
BronzeLongdog Brew loafIndigo Bakes
BronzeAlbrighton SavouryJust Bread
BronzeCaramelised Onion LoafKeelham Farm Shop
BronzeSpelt Meal SodaAnn's Pantry of Larne
BronzeBlack pepper breadThe Hill Bakery
BronzeStilton and RaisinMayfield Farm Bakery
Minoteries Viron BaguetteLOAFProduced by
SilverBaguette Tradition LevainHalva Bakery
KitchenAid Young Baker (Under 12)LOAFProduced by
SilverLuscious lemon curd plaitCharlotte Foster
BronzeChallahNadia Willingham
BronzeMiso BreadAlexandra Pilz
KitchenAid Young Baker (12 - 17)LOAFProduced by
SilverOlive and Sun-dried Tomato loaf Daniel Roberts
SilverDaniel's Sour doughDaniel Roberts
Home-Baker - OpenLOAFProduced by
SilverPanettone gastronomicoVibeke Jepsen
Home-Baker - SourdoughLOAFProduced by
GoldWhite sourdoughMary Maclean
GoldEight Grain Porter SourdoughAdam Keightley
GoldSurrey 100% Wheat Wholemealmalcolm delahaye
SilverClassique White SourdoughSiegfried Bonhomme
SilverArtisan sourdoughPiccolo Belfast (Thornyhill Restuarants)
SilverCheese and Ale SourdoughAdam Keightley
BronzeOrange and fennel sourdoughJulia Farkas
BronzeDate and Fennel SourdoughAdam Keightley
BronzeMulti grain sourdough loafAkiko Shaw
BronzeSeeded SourdoughAlex Vaughan
BronzeMediterranean Twist SourdoughSiegfried Bonhomme