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Winner 2019 Hippy Bread
Produced by Bread By Bike

Category Winners 2019

CiabattaProduced by
WinnerIschia ciabatta Fat Toni’s pizzeria bakehouse
Runner-UpLa classica Signorelli’s deli
Gluten FreeProduced by
WinnerGluten Free BreadNIZI Bakery
Runner-UpSuper Seedy LoafBelle & Wilde
Real Bread CampaignProduced by
WinnerSmashed Pumpkin seed BreadCultured Bread* Bakery
Runner-UpChallahKipton Baker
Great British WhiteProduced by
WinnerOld School Split TinCinnamon Square
Runner-UpWhite TinDavidson of Darras Hall
Joint Runner-UpWhite BloomerSeasons Bakery
FruitProduced by
WinnerIrish Fruit LoafAnn's Pantry of Larne
Runner-UpSussex Plum LoafFoodhaven Ltd
FlatbreadProduced by
WinnerCheese & Chilli FocacciaRogers Bakery
Runner-UpTurmeric and Nuts focaccia wit apple and StiltonM's Bakery
The Tiptree ShowstopperProduced by
Winnermuesli and marmalde sourdoughsalt bakehouse
Runner-UpChallah Queen Orange blossom honey and marmalade tea Tangzhong Challah Karma Bread
Speciality - SweetProduced by
WinnerJewish New Year Apple, Honey, Pecan Tanzhong Challah Karma Bread
Runner-UpCitrus and Chocolate BriocheKuma-San Bakehouse
Joint Runner-UpLa dolce Signorelli’s deli
Speciality - SavouryProduced by
WinnerSussex SeededFoodhaven Ltd
Runner-UpMultiseed SourdoughSeasons bakery
Irish Wheaten LoafProduced by
WinnerIrish Oven Wheaten (sugar free)Ann's Pantry of Larne
Runner-UpWheaten BreadCorn Dolly Foods Ltd
Carr's Flour BaguetteProduced by
WinnerTradition FrancaiseHotel Cafe Royal
Runner-UpSourdough baguetteBread By Bike
Zeelandia WholegrainProduced by
WinnerMalt Crunch SourdoughBlake’s Kitchen
Runner-Up100% Wholemeal SourdoughBread By Bike
Plain Authentic SourdoughProduced by
WinnerPastonacre SourdoughPastonacre
Runner-UpWholesome NaturalBread Source
Joint Runner-UpCountry Loaf with ryeBread & Brot
Authentic Sourdough with Added IngredientsProduced by
WinnerHippy BreadBread By Bike
Runner-UpMalted Multigrain SourdoughRiddle-Me-Rye Ltd
Restaurant/Gastro Pub BreadProduced by
WinnerPotato, Fresh Thyme and Onion seeds CAPITAL BREAD LTD
Runner-UpChilli, Cheddar & Onion SourdoughLOAF Bakery
Home-Baker - OpenProduced by
WinnerFocacciaGraham Kinnear
Runner-UpCob LoafGraham Kinnear
Home Baker - Authentic SourdoughProduced by
WinnerMum's Sourdough Olive BreadGulsum Genc Koc
Runner-UpRosemary & Olive SourdoughPhilip Jones
Trainee BakerProduced by
Winner1 x 454g White Tin Loaf and 1 x 454g Wholemeal Tin LoafCaroline Jeevachandran

Awards 2019

CiabattaLOAFProduced by
GoldIschia ciabatta Fat Toni’s pizzeria bakehouse
SilverLa classica Signorelli’s deli
SilverCiabatta with onion Polish Village Bread
Gluten FreeLOAFProduced by
GoldGluten Free BreadNIZI Bakery
SilverSuper Seedy LoafBelle & Wilde
SilverQuinoa & millet loafKnife & Fork Bakery
BronzeGarlic & rosemary focacciaKnife & Fork Bakery
BronzeBreakfast Buns on the runDavina Steel ... Baking the Difference
Real Bread CampaignLOAFProduced by
GoldSmashed Pumpkin seed BreadCultured Bread* Bakery
GoldChallahKipton Baker
GoldCheesy sourdoughEastsheen microbakery
GoldBeremeal and fig breadRuth's Little Kitchen
GoldWholemeal MicheRex Bakery Ltd
SilverSeasons White SourdoughSeasons Bakery
SilverMaize and Chia Seed SourdoughSeasons Bakery
SilverSussex SeededFoodhaven Ltd
Silver100% Seedy Rye SourdoughSarah Raisbeck
BronzeBeetroot Multiseed SourdoughSeasons Bakery
Bronze100% WholemealThe Bakehouse at 124
BronzeSourdoughPoppyseed Bakery
BronzeSourdough SpeltBread By Bike
BronzeToasted Malt and Rye SourdoughSeasons Bakery
BronzePain de CampagneFoodhaven Ltd
BronzeMutiseed SourdoughSeasons Bakery
BronzeTomato And Herb SourdoughSeasons Bakery
BronzeTall TimSourdough Tim Ltd
Bronze100% wholemeal loafHoltwhites Bakery
Great British WhiteLOAFProduced by
GoldOld School Split TinCinnamon Square
GoldWhite BloomerSeasons Bakery
GoldWhite TinDavidson of Darras Hall
GoldPoppy Seed BloomerKipton Baker
GoldLarge tinPoppyseed Bakery
GoldWhite Tin LoafBara Bakehouse
GoldSmall split tinPoppyseed Bakery
SilverJapanese PullmanKuma-San Bakehouse
SilverWhite tin loaf with sesame & nigella seedsHoltwhites Bakery
SilverSweet & Soft White LoafAlisa Udi
SilverWhite BloomerSeasons Bakery
BronzeWhite Tin LoafRogers Bakery
BronzeWhite TinRex Bakery
BronzeWhite LoafSeasons Bakery
BronzeCrusty CobbDavidson of Darras Hall
BronzeOrganic White Tin loaf Baker Tom's Bread
FruitLOAFProduced by
GoldIrish Fruit LoafAnn's Pantry of Larne
SilverSussex Plum LoafFoodhaven Ltd
BronzeBelgian bunsColmworth Micro Bakery
FlatbreadLOAFProduced by
GoldCheese & Chilli FocacciaRogers Bakery
GoldTurmeric and Nuts focaccia wit apple and StiltonM's Bakery
Silverbeets blue and fig sourdough focaccia salt bakehouse
BronzeRed onion focacciaFat Toni’s pizzeria bakehouse
BronzeRoasted Vegetable and Feta FocacciaMayfield Farm Bakery
BronzeRosemary & Seasalt FocacciaHoltwhites Bakery
The Tiptree ShowstopperLOAFProduced by
Goldmuesli and marmalde sourdoughsalt bakehouse
Speciality - SweetLOAFProduced by
GoldJewish New Year Apple, Honey, Pecan Tanzhong Challah Karma Bread
GoldLa dolce Signorelli’s deli
GoldCitrus and Chocolate BriocheKuma-San Bakehouse
GoldChristmas SourdoughSeasons Bakery
SilverSticky BunsSticky Mitts
SilverTokyo Milk LoafHappy sky bakery
SilverOrange "Focaccia"The Bakehouse at 124
SilverApricot, Cardamom and Pistachio SnurrForge Bakehouse
SilverLeopard BreadPetit Bonheurs
SilverDolly'sPoppyseed Bakery
SilverApple delightEastsheen microbakery
SilverChocolate sourdoughYard46 ltd
BronzePastry with blueberry and cream fillingPolish Village Bread
BronzeBanana & Walnut LoafRogers Bakery
BronzeLemon Curd BriocheDaly Bread
BronzePao de DeusThe Crow's Rest bakehouse
BronzeTreacle irish soda bread Tony's griddle goods
Speciality - SavouryLOAFProduced by
GoldSussex SeededFoodhaven Ltd
GoldMultiseed SourdoughSeasons bakery
GoldCote Hill loafVine's Bakery
Goldchick pea and turmeric sourdoughsaltbakehouse
GoldSussex PumpkinFoodhaven Ltd
GoldTangzhong Brioche Pretzel Bun Karma Bread
SilverChorizo and caramelised onion soda bread loafShaw’s Home Bakery
SilverToasted Malt and Rye SourdoughSeasons bakery
SilverArtisan Sourdough Small Town Bakery
SilverRye with roasted onion and black pepperSticky Mitts
Silversundried tomato,feta and caramelised onion breadThe Kitchen Front
SilverPain RustiqueBaker Steve
BronzeIl saporito Signorelli’s deli
BronzeWalnut & sultana breadPoppyseed Bakery
BronzeGruyere and Olive BreadSticky Mitts
BronzeCheese and carmalised onion Irish soda bread Tony's griddle goods
BronzeFIT + Inulin The Polish Bakery
BronzeAlbrighton olive and herbThe Dough Knot
Irish Wheaten LoafLOAFProduced by
GoldIrish Oven Wheaten (sugar free)Ann's Pantry of Larne
GoldWheaten BreadCorn Dolly Foods Ltd
GoldPotters Irish Wheatenballydougan pottery
GoldSpeltmeal SodaAnn's Pantry of Larne
GoldRyans Buttermilk Sliced Soda BreadRyans Bakery Wexford Ltd
GoldGuinness and treacle wheatenAmber Catering and Cakes
GoldRyans Wheaten Sliced Soda BreadRyans Bakery Wexford Ltd
GoldIrish Stout WheatenAnn's Pantry of Larne
GoldTraditional Wheaten BreadCookie Jar
GoldIrwin's WheatenIrwin's Bakery
GoldBelfast Black WheatenCookie Jar
SilverFlavoured Irish Wheaten LoafShaw’s Home Bakery
SilverDate and apple wheatenAmber Catering and Cakes
BronzeDinkin's ginger wheaten breadDinkin's Bakery
BronzeWheaten loafAmazin grazin
BronzeIvy Cottage SodaIvy Cottage Baker
BronzeCafe Smart WheatenCafe Smart
Carr's Flour BaguetteLOAFProduced by
GoldTradition FrancaiseHotel Cafe Royal
GoldSourdough baguetteBread By Bike
GoldTraditional Baguette 370g Capital Bread Ltd
GoldPain TraditionFoodhaven Ltd
SilverBaguetteFlour Water Salt
SilverBaguetteRogers Bakery
SilverSemi-Sourdough BaguetteForge Bakehouse
Bronzeseseame and einkorn sourdough baguette salt bakehouse
Zeelandia WholegrainLOAFProduced by
GoldMalt Crunch SourdoughBlake’s Kitchen
Gold100% Wholemeal SourdoughBread By Bike
Silver3 Seed LevainRex Bakery
SilverSeeded NaturalBread source
BronzeOat PorridgeFlour Water Salt
BronzeWhole Grain BreadPolish Village Bread
BronzeDark rye with pumpkin and sunflower seedVine's Bakery
BronzeMultiseed sourdoughPoppyseed Bakery
Plain Authentic SourdoughLOAFProduced by
GoldPastonacre SourdoughPastonacre
GoldWholesome NaturalBread Source
GoldCountry Loaf with ryeBread & Brot
GoldRex SourdoughRex Bakery
Gold100% Rye yeast free Polish Village Bread
GoldSignature Campagne 800gCAPITAL BREAD LTD
GoldBread Source NaturalBread Source
GoldRye-Wheat-WheelBread & Brot
GoldChase SourdoughHoltwhites Bakery
GoldCanary yellowbreadsource
GoldPan GalegoRex Bakery
GoldSourdoughKuma-San Bakehouse
GoldCountry-style sourdough Beefcake cafe
GoldMultiseed SourdoughSeasons Bakery
GoldCiscoFlour Water Salt
GoldArán Sourdough Arán Bakery
GoldYorkshire White SourdoughTriangle Bakehouse
GoldMaldon SourdoughPoppyseed Bakery
GoldToasted Malt And Rye SourdoughSeasons Bakery
GoldEinkorn light malt sourdough Fat Toni’s pizzeria bakehouse
SilverHouse SourdoughVine's Bakery
SilverBrixton sourAries bakehouse
SilverHeyford SourdoughForge House Bakery
SilverArtisan SourdoughTen Watch
SilverWholemeal SourdoughPoppyseed Bakery
SilverSØDT WhiteSØDT
SilverWhite sourdough Kingsdown Breads
SilverPain Au LevainM's Bakery
SilverBhaile French SourdoughBhaile Craft Bakery
SilverIsleworth SourdoughDaly Bread
SilverBauernbrot German Farmer BreadGerman Bakery Windsor
SilverBordelaisVickys bread
SilverCountry Rye SourdoughBetter Health Bakery
BronzeSeasons White SourdoughSeasons Bakery
BronzeDark SourdoughSally Clarke Bakery
BronzeDinkin's SourdoughDinkin's Bakery
BronzeSussex WhiteFoodhaven Ltd
BronzeClassic SourdoughBread By Bike
BronzeMaize and Chia Seed SourdoughSeasons Bakery
BronzeTall TimSourdough Tim Ltd
BronzeAncient Country SourdoughAntica
BronzeSourdoughPoppyseed Bakery
Authentic Sourdough with Added IngredientsLOAFProduced by
GoldHippy BreadBread By Bike
GoldMalted Multigrain SourdoughRiddle-Me-Rye Ltd
GoldNew York Rye SourdoughRogers Bakery
GoldCheesy sourdoughEastsheen microbakery
SilverToasted Sesame & Charcoal SourdoughForge Bakehouse
SilverRaisin & Walnut SourdoughHoltwhites Bakery
SilverCaramelised onion and herbVine's Bakery
SilverSussex SeededFoodhaven Ltd
SilverToasted fennel and prune sourdoughForge House Bakery
SilverLithuanian Keptinus SourdoughCinnamon Square
SilverFig & Fennel SourdoughThe Hampshire Real Bread Co
SilverWaste Not Want Not Rex Bakery
SilverSussex WholemealFoodhaven Ltd
SilverCarrot cakeish sourdoughPoppyseed Bakery
SilverCorn & Roasted Pepper SourdoughLOAF Bakery
SilverChilli & Cheese SourdoughIvy Cottage Baker
SilverBeetroot Multiseed SourdoughSeasons Bakery
SilverSeeded Hampshire WhiteThe Hampshire Real Bread Co
SilverCountry Mix Seeded White TinBells of Lazonby
SilverBeetroot and Black Cumin Seeds Bread Gradz
SilverBeetroot, Orange & Sesame SourdoughRiddle-Me-Rye LTD
SilverTomato and Herb SourdoughSeasons Bakery
BronzeCheddar & Cracked Black PepperTriangle Bakehouse
Bronzeoat porridge soursalt bake house
BronzePotato Sourdough Rex Bakery
BronzeMark's Cotswold Crunch SourdoughMark's Cotswold Bakery Ltd
BronzeDanish RyeSØDT
BronzeSussex PumpkinFoodhaven Ltd
BronzeCheese and Onion SourdoughDaly Bread
BronzeChia & Golden Flax Seed SourdoughRiddle-Me-Rye Ltd
BronzeMultiseed SourdoughPoppyseed Bakery
BronzeTurmeric SourdoughThe Bakehouse at 124
BronzeFruit and Spice SourdoughSeasons Bakery
BronzeChilli and Cheese SourdoughSeasons Bakery
BronzeWalnut and fruit with rye sourdoughEastsheen microbakery
BronzeSprouted Wheat and EinkornThe Billowing Loaf
BronzeSeeded sourdoughEastsheen microbakery
Bronzefig and hazlenut sourdoughVickys bread
BronzeMalted grain sourdoughàCookie Jar
BronzePotato and Rosemary sourdoughForge House Bakery
BronzeGradz Sourdough Bread with Hemp and Pumpkin Seeds Gradz
Restaurant/Gastro Pub BreadLOAFProduced by
GoldPotato, Fresh Thyme and Onion seeds CAPITAL BREAD LTD
BronzeChilli, Cheddar & Onion SourdoughLOAF Bakery
BronzeDinkin's four seed breadDinkin's Bakery
Home-Baker - OpenLOAFProduced by
GoldFocacciaGraham Kinnear
BronzeCob LoafGraham Kinnear
BronzeIrish wheaten bread with Apple and cinnamon Sonya Topping
Home Baker - Authentic SourdoughLOAFProduced by
GoldMum's Sourdough Olive BreadGulsum Genc Koc
GoldRosemary & Olive SourdoughPhilip Jones
SilverMalted SourdoughLillian Clervi
SilverMarbled Charcoal SourdoughZoltan Katona
SilverFocacciaGraham Kinnear
SilverCountry SourdoughPhilip Jones
SilverSix Seed SourdoughLillian Clervi
SilverRaisin and Rosemary SourdoughJessica Van der Schee
SilverChopped speltRichard Caddick
SilverBlack sesame and misoRichard Caddick
BronzePlain Authentic SourdoughJohn Bogue
BronzeBuckwheat BouleIan Barnes
BronzeWWW by Banjos BreadAndrew Weston
BronzePlain Authentic Sourdough with added ingredientsJohn Bogue
BronzeDouble sour Country White w/ Black GarlicZoltan Katona
BronzeRenata Rye Sam Rutt
BronzeTourte au SeigleJessica Van der Schee
BronzeMalted grain sourdough breadGulsum Genc Koc