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The home of traditional Stilton and Shropshire Blue for 104 years

Colston Bassett Dairy was first established in 1913 and since this date has been making outstanding cheese in the village of Colston Bassett in Nottinghamshire – the home of traditional Stilton and Shropshire Blue cheese. Colston Bassett began when the village doctor, Dr William Windley encouraged local farmers to begin a co-operative in order to add value to their milk, whilst on his rounds he sold shares to raise the necessary capital to build a cheese dairy.

Today the co-operative still sources milk from member farmers, all of which are located less than 1.5 miles from the dairy. Colston Bassett Dairy has maintained traditional cheesemaking methods – to ensure exceptional quality and consistency is achieved. The perfect Blue Stilton from Colston Bassett should be a rich cream colour with blue veining spread throughout – smooth, creamy and mellow.

Website: www.colstonbassettdairy.co.uk
Twitter: @ColstonBassettDairy
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