Our Partners

Run by the food and farming charity Sustain, the Real Bread Campaign is finding and sharing ways to make bread better for us, better for our communities and better for the planet.

Starting with a simple and universally-accessible definition of Real Bread as made without any additives, the Campaign’s initiatives include:

  • #RealBreadWeek and #SourdoughSeptember: Annual, international celebrations of additive-free loaves and the people who make them, encouraging people to buy Real Bread from local, independent bakeries, to bake their own and pass on baking skills and knowledge.
  • Honest Crust Act: Lobbying for improved loaf labelling and marketing legislation to protect people’s right to make better-informed choices about the loaves and sandwiches they buy, and in the meantime challenging manufacturers and retailers on misleading loaf marketing and incomplete/absent ingredient labelling.
  • Together We Rise: Helping more people living with mental health issues, and a range of other challenges, benefit from the therapeutic, employment and social opportunities of making Real Bread
  • No Loaf Lost: Moving upstream from dealing with food waste to helping bakeries reduce the amount of surplus they produce in the first place
  • Bakery support: : From all of the above, through the microbakery handbook Knead To Know, the Real Bread Map and Real Bread Loaf Mark scheme, to The Real Baker-e forum, the Campaign unites, supports the people behind the rise of Real Bread, and the small bakeries that help create more jobs per loaf and keep our high streets alive.
  • Join today: The Campaign welcomes everyone, baker or not, into the charity’s international network of supporters.

Find out more and join at www.realbreadcampaign.org

Twitter: @RealBread
Facebook: @RealBreadCampaign
Instagram: @RealBreadCampaign