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In 1890 our great-great-grandmother started making Cornish clotted cream in her farmhouse kitchen here in the heart of Cornwall.

It was an immediate hit with the locals and before long she was ‘exporting’ it all the way to England, where top London food shops couldn’t get enough of this sumptuous Cornish delicacy..

Over 120 years on, we’re still crafting it the same way, by gently baking rich local cream until it’s thick, unctuous and thoroughly dollopable. Which is why it’s been awarded Protected Designation of Origin status, along with the likes of champagne and Parma ham.

And it doesn’t end there. We also use the same uniquely rich Cornish milk, from our farms no more than 30 miles of the creamery, to make a whole range of indulgent things, from butter to crème fraîche.

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