Our Partners

Toast Ale brews award-winning craft beer with fresh surplus bread from bakeries and pours all profits into charities fixing the food system.

The company launched in 2016 and were the first UK brewery to become a Certified B Corp in 2018 as well as being a proud Social Enterprise. In 2021 they collaborated with 24 other breweries to help them brew with surplus bread, creating the Companion Series to raise awareness about the impact of our food system on the planet. They are carbon neutral and committed to Net Zero by 2030.

They have also published a bread beer recipe online so that home brewers can join the revALEution.

To date, Toast has upcycled 2.6 million slices of surplus bread into delicious beer, shared the recipe 85,000 times and donated over £80,000 to charity.

Join us to #RaiseAToast

Website: www.toastale.com    Twitter: @Toastal    Facebook: @Toastale     Instagram: @Toastale