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Andrew Ingredients is a leading supplier of top quality ingredients and supplies to the bakery and food industry throughout Ireland.

Established in 1945, we have an extensive product range of over 2000 lines and are continually researching and introducing new products to meet the changing needs of our customers, keeping them ahead in a dynamic market. Our accreditations include BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution and BS8555 Environmental Certification.

Our in-house test bakery and kitchen, which is open to both existing and potential customers, supports innovation, product development and problem solving. We have a technical baker on hand to offer hands-on support in this unique environment both on an individual basis and via seminars and demonstrations in conjunction with leading suppliers from across Europe.

Andrew Ingredients has come a long way since 1945, continually expanding and reinvesting to sustain our success, which we believe is driven by our customers. We strive for excellence through product quality and range, service, innovation and expertise.


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