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Craft Bakers’ Association are pleased to partner the Tiptree World Bread Awards.

For over 126 years the Craft Bakers’ Association (formerly known as the National Association of Master Bakers) has been supporting the craft bakers of England and Wales. They are the key ingredient for any craft baker, providing the information they need to stay within all the myriad of laws with which bakers must comply daily. They support their members with ongoing telephone support, training, networking opportunities and some great negotiated deals specific to our industry with the UK’s best suppliers and services. The CBA take baking and the issues that affect the industry very seriously as was shown in 2011 when the Government wanted to introduce the “Pasty Tax”. The Association and its Board were at the forefront of the campaign to get this law revoked.

With the expertise in house to cover all the laws with which bakers must comply, providing information through the website, e bulletins and direct free telephone support, CBA is the cost effective way to keep your business safe and up-to-date. As part of the membership package, members receive free insurance against investigations into their affairs by the Customs & Excise and Inland Revenue.

The ever increasing complexity of legislation, employment, health and safety, labelling and allergen requirements, waste, and packaging regulations means that bakers need help and the CBA provides it.