Quicke’s have been farming their little corner of Devon for over 500 years, and making traditional clothbound cheddar for over 40 years, using milk from their herd of specially-bred grass-fed cows.

With over a century’s experience between them, their team of expert cheesemakers understand that what they do is an art. Using all their senses, they individually craft every cheese by hand, wrapping them in muslin so they can breathe as they mature, slowly in the cool quiet of the stores at Home Farm, where they’re turned every day to maintain an even texture as they mature for up to two years.

Quicke’s Clothbound Cheddar is world-famous, but this year they’re entering their lesser-known Goat’s Milk Clothbound Cheese to the Tiptree Awards. A delightfully different hard goat’s cheese, this cheese has recently been awarded Gold at both the World Cheese Awards and International Cheese Awards, as well as claiming a 2 star Great Taste award in 2017. Vibrant and creamy, this cheese is crafted from the finest locally sources goat’s milk for a luxuriously buttery flavour, rounded off with an almond nuttiness.


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